Organized.  Dedicated.  Helpful.  Great listener.  Just a few words to describe an awesome wedding planner, which Reema is...and so much more.  Where do you start when your wedding planner becomes your really good friend during the planning process.  The type of friend you want to turn to when something goes wrong, needs fixing, tweaking or just isn't what you had in mind.  With Reema on our side during the planning and on the day of, I worried about NOTHING.  I approached her about a year before my wedding.  At this point I had only a date and a venue.  She listened to everything and made suggestions and offered help prior to my even hiring her team.  Something about the conversation and how she answered my questions told me she was the perfect planner for me.  And so a year long process of decisions and selections of small details began.  Reema did not forget a single thing.  With Reema on my side, I did not turn into a bridezilla!  I turned to Reema for a million different ideas and creative suggestions, she had alternatives whenever we hit a hitch.  I had my ideas of a fairy tale wedding and Reema helped make that dream a reality.  My wedding is still talked about as the most well planned and organized events.  If you are looking for the perfect wedding, RB Event Design is the perfect team to turn to.  I would recommend Reema to anyone that wants a perfect and flawless wedding.  It is what I was going for and her team delivered beyond my expectations.  

~ Devangi Patel-Vijay

   Marriott, Park Ridge, NJ 

Reema was a godsend to me during the planning of my wedding, and also in executing those plans on the BIG DAY! I had a very large (300 person) and complex wedding (Hindu and American ceremonies on the same day at two different venues).  Reema was there with me to go over all the plans before the big day and to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything that was necessary (which even though I thought I had covered everything, I hadn't).  On the day of my wedding, she was there executing all of the plans, one of which was to keep all activities the day of my wedding ON TIME.  We had a very tight timeline so if were late on one thing, it would have delayed the whole day. Without the pressure of making sure plans were executed, I was able to enjoy my wedding day since I knew she was there to handle any issues and keep everything running smoothly.  She helped me with little to big things, whatever I needed and asked for.  I recommend that every bride have someone to help them with planning and implementing such an important event in their lives and I HIGHLY recommend that you consider Reema for the job.  She was truly AMAZING! 

~Tina & Vishal

Hyatt Regency Windwatch, Hauppaugue, NY 


Reema is a true visionary with a keen eye for logistics and detail that I have never witnessed before!

During Reema's tenure with American Express Bank, our international client relationships were strengthened through events based marketing.  Despite linguistic and cultural barriers, Reema's incredible ability to connect with our global clients influenced a priceless return on investment for each of our week long executive events- held in NY, China, India, Frankfurt and Tokyo.  With incredible foresight, Reema planned each event from NY with precision that would lead a person to think she resided within each distant city.  She's an invaluable resource that is impossible to replace!  

~ Ray Li, Director of Global Events & Product Management  

We simply can't imagine where to begin.  Reema worked with us, our families and our bridal party to create the most memorable day of our lives.  On the evening of our rehearsal dinner, when unexpected rains hit the beaches of Riviera Maya, while boosting the morale and bringing laughs, she orchestrated a perfect rehearsal for the bridal party.  When the sun decided to shine and we changed the venue of our ceremony, Reema coordinated the changes.  Just a few minutes prior to my walk down the aisle, clouds swept in and the pitter patter of raindrops soon followed.  Reema worked with the Paradisus team to swiftly transport the ceremony setup exactly the way we envisioned.  While facilitating the shift in ceremony venue, she updated the guests on next steps, repeatedly checked in with my husband and I to ensure that our visions of each detail were being implemented.  Needless to say, Reema finds a way of being in multiple places at once to accommodate any situation!  We can't imagine what our day would have been like without her! 

~ Shibi & Tony

Paradisus Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

It was love at first sight.  When I met Reema for the first time to consider her as an event coordinator for my daughter's wedding, I immediately knew she was the right person.  My wife and daughter met her and they felt the same way.  She is thoroughly professional about her work, what differentiates her from the rest is her dedication, loyalty and commitment to her clients.  There was a special chemistry with her, a feeling of more than a professional relationship, there was 'love' in her approach to handling our daughter's wedding.  She truly felt like part of the family and treated the event as if it was her own.  She has a personal touch and attended to each detail.  We were so thrilled with her efforts that we felt she needed compensation above and beyond what she was contracted for, she is THAT good! 

~ Mr. & Mrs. Abhay & Vibha Jhaveri 

   Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, CT

Planning a spring wedding in what seemed like a long winter was only made fun with Reema's quick wit and thinking.  She researched and attended the majority of our vendor meetings, assisted in the negotiation of contracts and ensured that we were sticking to our budget.  We were able to apply her creative ideas to create a unique and memorable event for our guests.  In addition to walking us through each of the steps of planning, Reema and team ensured that each element was executed as we envisioned.  Words really can't express our gratitude for such a perfect planning partner! 

~Bailey & Kevin

Crystal Springs Resort, NJ 

One word sums up our experience with Reema, priceless! On our search for a wedding planner, we stumbled upon Reema through word of mouth. I had my reservations in regards to having a wedding planner since I was very detail oriented, my husband and I have difficult work schedules, and I had very little to no help on the day of since I come from a very small family. In walked Reema to save us from all of our worries. She filled in gaps where we lacked vision, she went beyond her role as a wedding planner and slipped in as someone that knew us for years and became a great friend, and most importantly paid attention to details as if she was the one getting married. Oftentimes toward the end of the process, Reema and I would joke about how it was our wedding rather than my husband and I getting married. She was ingenious in coming up with concepts for the stationary, she was economical when it came to allocating our budget with certain things, and she was precise when it came to executing the details. Reema walked into our lives as a wedding planner but walked out as a friend that we will have for a lifetime. 
It also helps that she has the cutest kiddies in the world!

~ Vicki & Kishan

Addison Park, Aberdeen, NJ 

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One word to describe Reema and her team is fabulous! She made our day so special and we couldn’t ask for anything more. Naveen and I have no idea what we would have done without Reema. As we planned each of part of our wedding, Reema was always there by our side. She has incredible negotiation skills and we felt that we were getting the best services from each of our vendors for our wedding. As the planning continued,Reema and I built a bond of friendship greater than just a bride and wedding planner relationship. She really cared that Naveen and I were happy. She is such a sweet person and I can truly say it was pleasure working with her. Naveen and I want to thank you from the bottom of our heart. We hope that all of our friends and family have the pleasure of working with you. Thank you Reema!

~ Christina & Naveen

Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for you and your staff.  The entire weekend was absolutely amazing, breathtaking and more than I could have ever hoped for.  You made all of our ideas and dreams a reality.  I couldn't imagine planning my wedding without your help, guidance, and true expertise.  I never worried for a second as I knew everything would be just perfect, you really made the whole process easy and the day of completely stress free for our entire family.  The personal touch you added to every detail made everything that much more spectacular.  We are forever grateful for all that you have done for us.  Your talent and passion really comes through in your work and we wish you endless success for RB Event Design!

~Kajal & Raj 

The Aria, Waterbury, CT